Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Harmon, Day Three

Okay, I'm getting to where some of it makes sense. Still worried about mscrewing up, but I'm starting to get what Brian's saying about the ten-million new things we're up to. This has always been the crazy thing about me. New things make me overly catious, especially if I have sole responsibility of a room, shift, etc. And it's only the stuff concerning the computer: making tags, checking daily maintainance, making signs, that sort of thing is holding me back.

Back-stocking I can do. The fronting, facing, and cleaning I can do. Security for the room I can do. But it takes me longer to feel comfortable with stuff that the key-holders usually did. I'm used to just taking care of my own little kingdom where I know how to do almost everything and know where everything goes. This is a whole new ballgame. And I'm alone this Sunday, so it's crunchtime. I just wish I was faster at picking up this sort of thing.

I'll just be happy once I get this down and I get through the rest of this week. The day off before Black Friday and the day after will make up for it, I'm sure. Now to just get there. *headdesk*
Tags: work suckage

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