Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

YM, How I Hate Thee...

 Stupid system. If I'm not having one problem with it, it's another. 

Two reasons for this thread: 1) To talk to Kat about the new banner and 2) To let everyone know that Chapter Sixty-Seven, Finally, is to the beta team. We're planning to publish it Thursday or Friday, although I'm worried because reviews on FF.net are way down. Even the hits are down from last week's chapter.

Will have an update on I Know The Truth before the end of the day. I plan to have it finished before bed. 

And ecabs? If you read this, can I request a songlist from you? I still can't get Frostwire or Limewire to work on this computer. I still don't have access to my 4,000 songs, so I'm slowly going mad.
Tags: little secrets progress reports

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