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Progress Update And The Weekly Spoiler

This is going to be a shorter post than I hope because I ran out of time. 

Work hasn't gotten any better. I'm so frustrated I've now cried at work three times in the last week. I need to take a break. Badly. We have no one to cover me if I take time off, really. I'm really the only night-time CS. We're short on employees. And I don't get PTO. I need to take this time, but... I'm not even sure I can get it and I'll have a awful paycheck if I get it. I'm not sure what to do. I even wanted to call out today, but I can't even get up the courage to do it to them. I just need a break so bad. 

But, on a happier front, Chapter Sixty-Two is up to 5,901 words and just over twelve pages. Lots going on for our new little family here. And some pretty surprising events occur. Like the twins eating stew for the first time. ;) No, really, that's a true statement, but you'll have to wait until Saturday to find out exactly what I mean. But until then, how's this tidbit?

Just when Lana thought she could start plotting her escape, however, Annette fixed a serious look on her and asked, “So have you met someone yet?”
Yes, Mom, I think I’ll take Lois’ ex now that he’s on the market. Good thing she and I are friends, huh? Lana bit her lip before she could say that – Lois was having an influence on her – and simply replied, “Well, there is an interesting guy, but I don’t want to rush things.”

Hope that livens things up until post-time. There are a couple of other things I could spoiler you on, but that would take the fun out of it. Have a good day, all! Love you!
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