Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Black Christmas is LOVE <3

Well, I went shopping Thursday night, determined indulge in retail therapy. $134 later, I had in my possession a large assortment of new bath and beauty goodies (always good for the depressed girly-girl) as well as nine DVDs. Black Christmas (the original with Margot), 28 Weeks Later (starring our teenage Kala, Rose Byrne), Seven, Cutthroat Island (Collector's Edition), Bram Stoker's Dracula (Collector's Edition), Not Another Teen Movie (because I love Mia Kirshner), American Psycho, The Cave, and Timeline (the only Crichton novel I've ever read and liked).

I've only managed to see Black Christmas and 28 Weeks Later so far, but my reaction to each film was the opposite of the other. Not giving away spoilers to either, Black Christmas is a bit scary, a thriller. It's not intended as a gore-fest. Remember, this came out before Halloween. Olivia Hussey, beautiful and British, is the lead in the film, shortly off of Romeo and Juliet. But the real show on that block is Margot. OMG, Anissa and I were weeping with laughter more than once. Barb is just so... *dies* Margie is maybe twenty-five in it, already adorable (but not a baby like in Gaily, Gaily or Sisters, mind you.), and her timing and expression are uproarious. And the interview in the Special Features is full of snarky-Margie goodness. I was laughing from her first line and throughout the interview. Highly recommended and available at Wal-Mart, even.  

I can't tell too much about 28 Weeks Later without giving too much away. I liked the set-up and storyline. The realism of it. The children in the film were brilliant. The boy, his character's name is Andy Harris, makes those of us how are fans of SR think of Jason with his shaggy cut and sad eyes. The sister, Tammy, is giving me plot bunnies just looking at her. You really don't get much time to get attached to anyone other than the babies in this film, with the exception of Sgt. Doyle and Major Scarlet (Hey, Rose!). Those four characters are the heart and soul of this film. You will love them. 

The only two real things I can say without spoilers is that I would never leave Anissa behind like that in a situation where she would be killed/murdered/Infected like that. Ever. For any reason. Even to save my own life. I'd die with her first.  And two, the Lois in me that I never expected to wake up during this spent the entire movie scared to death for Kala/Rose. There's one scene in particular that made me sure that we're on the right track with our Heirs plotline. God, was I emotionally drained after that film.

The rest of the films I either have seen before and loved or are brand-new to me. Too bad that it'll probably take two week to get through them.

And on that note ;), we're going to start next week's chapter! Love you all! *hugs*

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