Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Hell Day Video Fix

Okay, here's this week's offerings:

A Smallville one that was so fun I had to share. 'Move Along' by ssajones:

The Man of Steel Lives: 'It Ends Tonight' By castro90.

Wishingonastar's 'Chasing Cars'

'My Immortal' by estripe4

A Smallville/SR video set to Jimmy Eat World's 'Hear You Me', by pinkstar2

A *ROTFLMAO* video for Smallville's Lex, 'Big Meany'. It's not the best, but Lord, is it funny. :)

Another funny one, Smallville's Lois and Clark set to The Wedding Singer's 'Growing Old With You'. By pinkstar2

And for those who are currently interested in the Ollie/Lois/Clark triangle, we have ellegirl79's 'Gallery'

One last, an Old School and Current video set to American Hi-Fi's 'The Rescue' by Anderasu

Have a good day, everyone! Stay safe!

Tags: clois videospam, smallville videospam

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