Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Busy Day As Usual

I feel awful about not putting up a tribute to Christopher, especially since Anissa and I were accutely aware of it yesterday, but I don't have the heart to. As I said in his birthday post, I miss him terribly. And I would prefer to honor his life, not that fatal day. *blows a kiss to one of Heaven's most-beautiful angels, who hopefully is hanging out with my Nana* We love you, Chris. Keep watching out for us.

Speaking of which, the amazing Ms. Kidder's birthday (October 18) is just around the corner. Will make a special post that day, but HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY , MARGIE!!!

Well, the progress picked up last night with a final count then of over 4,000. I plan to add to that before Anissa makes it home. 

elliania, my love, I'm halfway through posting your gallery of goodies. Photobucket added a bulk uploader, so it's taking me half the time. This gallery is going to be huge! I warned you before that I have a ton of Superman media. I wasn't joking. There may be doubles here and there and I included my own wanna-be artwork in there since it's going to have all of them media. No laughing. :D 

I have a couple of early videos I want to restructure tonight. I hope I have a chance. And I have a plot bunny lurking, angsty as hell, for Original Movieverse. 

If she does remember, as if stated in SIV, just what do you think Lois is feeling at the end of that drek Superman III? After the scene between she and Lana? Listening to I Know The Truth from Aida got me in the mood for it. And did I cry. Now that is heartbreak. I'm so glad I didn't hurt my Lois like that. It's one thing to give her up for the people of the world, but to go on vacation to get away from all of that and come back, still knowing the secret, to find she's hooked up with his high school crush while you've been playing off that you forgot? I mean, WTF, ladies and gentlemen?

</end of rant>

Should be back after  a while with updates. Love you all!

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