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Icon Meme Replies For bistyboo1974

Now for Caroline's picks:

1) Multi-purpose Angry-As-Hell icon. That and I adored Margot here. This is where I based my Lois' temper from. The fact that this pig went after her man and hurt him? Hell no! Never mind that he's twice her size and weight. *hugs Lois*

2) If you watch Smallville, this doesn't even need an explantion. One, look at her! It's not as if the show gives a damn about canon. Just hook them up, for God's sake! Two, ZombieClana. Period. He's more like Stalker!Clark these days. That's one reason to itself. Three, think of all the insane things Goofy does. Yep, deal with it. SV Clark is a dumbass.

3) Reprinted from B's for lack of time: Originally stolen from the Fandom Wank website at the height of Potter Epilogue Mania. I tend to use in situations were we're discussing general fandom freakouts, Miles Millar, and the insanity of my job. This icon never fails to crack me up.

4) An all -around Princess to Mom's Queen/Make-Believe/Like Sarah icon. I just love it.

5) *LOL* A Six-line summary of SR. What more could you possibly want? XD

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6) Reprinted from Mom's post due to lack of time: Mom found this for me in, was it Superman: For All Seasons? For those of you that read our fanfic, this in-joke should be obvious. *Hugs Mom* That really was a great find.

7) Will add later. Got to get dressed.
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