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27 November 2006 @ 01:31 am
Lonely, I'm So Lonely...  
Well, it's Sunday night, the job has been utterly insane, I have writing, but Anissa isn't home yet nor is Kala the Bagel. It's amazing just how much you miss someone when they're only gone a few days. It's been beautiful on one hand, as I'm gotten alot more done in the last bit than I normally can, as the other half is utterly addicted to FurryPaws.com. But I've been plotting more than writing during her absence, which bothers me. *whine* Hurry up and come home, 'Nissa! It's too quiet around here! That and I can't to meet my precious little girl. This is a pic, from when she first came to Melissa's from the shelter.

Isn't she cute? Since I have her up, though, I feel obligated to show the other two girls. The first is my big girl and excellent surrogate Momma Dog, Vixen (Carolina Dog/Chow Mix. She was a rescued stray from my mother's neighborhood. We nearly hit her when she darted out in the street without warning. She's our darling.

And this is Anita Faith, our Trofaxian Alien Dog. Actually, she's a Rott/Pitt mix whose whole reason to live is to lick your face. She's just such an odd duck, though. Remember Frank the Pug from MIB? They must have been members of the same squad back home. She was dumped in our front yard as a puppy, abandoned when a white Mustang drove up and let her out to go to the bathroom. The moment she was on the grass, they sped off. Oh, well. They don't deserve her.

Also, I need to thank all of you for keeping me company this weekend, especially sean_montgomery, beeto_from_ffbistyboo1974, and the ECQ Herself htbthomas.  I got much-needed opinions and ideas. Bisty, you had better keep making those videos or I'll stop making mine! :P 

And I must pimp the Clois. 

, mind you! Anissa and I have promised a Naughty and Nice for this amazing idea of bistyboo's to keep everyone in the spirit, including my personal idea of the greatest of the great in Superman fanfiction authors. The fun begins December 14, with own very own bisty. My only question is, how did I get on this list? (Dammit, Barbara, stop throwing things at me! It was a valid question! That hurts! Not everyone has your crown, for Pete's sake!! :P)

Okay, just an update before I get dinner and get ready for bed. LS may be a little late this week, seeing as how Anissa has been out of town, but... *Hears complaints and smiles* But...you guys will get it straight out of Barbara's hands. No later than Thursday, methinks, instead of Tuesday or Wednesday. Just let us get caught up. It's only a short wait. Promise.

Everyone get some sleep. The-Day-That-Must-Not-Be-Named is now upon us. May just post some videos before bed for bisty and the rest to give us something good to wake up to! ;)
Beautiful Noise: Daughtry-Crashed (Could It Be More Perfect?)
Barbara: Jason Kisshtbthomas on November 27th, 2006 10:32 am (UTC)
Aw, you're welcome. I always have fun chatting with you!

And I promise not to throw anything. But as I said before - you are definitely one of the best writers in the fandom! Now stop being so modest and saying, "Who, Me?"

Or I WILL throw something at you. (My sceptre is pretty heavy...)
Lois: The Lane Geneskalalanekent on November 27th, 2006 07:23 pm (UTC)
And you can throw pretty hard! *LOL* I think I'm okay, but it's you guys that inspire us to push ourselves. Alot of this is just ideas that have been floating around in my head forever.

And I thank God for the Donnor Cut. Especially the breakup scene, which is the breakup we used. After seeing the clip again, I added to the Argument before bed last night. If you guys don't get choked up by it, I'm gonna have to rewrite it. :)
Barbara: Lane and Kent SR Comichtbthomas on November 27th, 2006 07:43 pm (UTC)
Oh, I SO cannot wait to see that break-up scene!! Guh. And of course, there's no amnesia kiss... which of course makes my ENTIRE fic AU. But what the hey. I will always have fond memories of the theatrical version, even if I really like the Donnor Cut better.

I want to see the changes in the Argument ASAP. I want the whole chapter RIGHT.



*prepares to throw something* ...Darn it, throne's too heavy...