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My Icon Meme Response For htbthomas

Okay, my replies to Mom's choices:

1) My multi-purpose SV Clana Must Die icon. Although my Lana/Raid Icon is my favorite and will return to my LJ shortly. ZombieClana. *shudder*

2) As the desciption reads in my userpics: Combating The Disco Clark since 2007. Mom has this utterly seizure-inducing 70s Clark Dancing Icon that drives me absolutely nuts. This was my answer to it.

3) Multi-purpose OMG, What A Lousy Day icon. For the truly awful ones, you either get the Lois Why Me or the Lois OMGWTF. *LOL*

4) Labyrinth junkie. And I mean, junkie. My second all-time-favorite film. And this was always my favorite sequence in the film, although the whole thing is just... *sigh* I was SO a Sarah my teenage years, as badly as I wanted to be Lois. My female lead in DR is very much based on Sarah, only much stronger emotionally. That and I've been told I resemble Jennifer Connelly a bit. *Love*


5) Mom found this for me in, was it Superman: For All Seasons? For those of you that read our fanfic, this in-joke should be obvious. *Hugs Mom* That really was a great find.

6) The Ultimate Jor-El icon, made for me by rizny_notes, made all the more perfect by Lois' derrogatory term for him. To say that Krypton's Most Brilliant Scientist and The Daily Planet's Fearless Reporter don't get along is an understatement. 

7) Originally stolen from the Fandom Wank website at the height of Potter Epilogue Mania. I tend to use in situations were we're discussing general fandom freakouts, Miles Millar, and the insanity of my job. This icon never fails to crack me up.

Thanks, B! That was pretty fun. As to the rest of you, Progress Update tonight.

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