Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

It's Simply Amazing Just How Good You Feel...

when you know that you don't need to be any-damn-where until Sunday. I've been dancing like a bufoon around the MIL's house to the current LS playlist for the last hour. Grinning. And singing along loudly. I mean, honestly jamming out. *grins like a loon, LOL* I don't know why I feel so good today!

Which is doubly amazing when you stop to consider that I felt like slitting my wrist this last week at work. One of the employees that I love best at work is leaving us while I'm off and it's just the latest in a line of sadness at work. But I have her addie and will mail her regularly. You hear that, AJ? *hugs* And Myke? Get your butt home, boy! I need reinforcements! *bites lip and whines in the direction of Atlanta*

Thanks so much to all of you that have sent the Get Well and Sleep Or I'll Kill Your Boss messages this week. I so needed them. And I apologize for being the Ultimate Gloom Cookie. It's just been rough all around lately. I try not to mope of the LJ, but... Just imagine the whining Anissa had to hear. *feels incredibly guilty* Have I mentioned that anissa7118is the best thing in the entire world to me? *trademark Richard White 'I'm Cute So Don't Kill Me' smile* Love you, 'Nissa. No idea why you put up with me.

And I have to announce that we'll be finished on time with both oneshots. Anissa has said that she's going to finish off Intimidation at work. Not much left but to finish Lois and Jason's scene and polish it. And Connection is close, with maybe a couple more scenes in it. Personally, these two are set years apart, but I love the tone of both of them. 

Not to mention that, since I heard a little birdy say that the Clois 100 may go into overtime, Anissa and I might just pick up a couple more. We just put up a claim for Animal and intend to write a second Intimidation, set at another time in LS, to make up for the Twins Tale. So expect more Little Secrets in your lives, folks. I hope it's a good thing!

Oh, and ecabs, you rock our world! Congrads for trying so hard to get caught up! We love you for it, Tage!

Off to Mommy's for the day, but I should be home before midnight to give you another update before we send them off to the World's Most Amazing Beta Team! *loves her htbthomasand sean_montgomery*

Oh, and elliania? Are you out there, love? I haven't seen you about. 

ETA: Holy Crap! This is a huge post! *looks up at it in awe*
Tags: f-list love, work suckage

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