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Just A Quick Drive-By Spoiler Post

Connection is moving along well, but it will be our 'hurry up and wait' for this week. Seems the Muse likes our Kal-El and Lois in their Smallville phase this week and is making things a little difficult for us. No matter. *LOL* At 3,067 words, six pages, and tonight and tomorrow to finish while alone at the MIL's, will be done in time. I really love this oneshot, because we're trying so hard to show them as real people and this is as real as it gets. Want a hint as to what we're up to?

Well, the story was everything she’d hoped for. Several million dollars had been quietly bled from state coffers and poured into the senator’s lavish lifestyle – not to mention, his personal friends had received several lucrative government contracts that they weren’t precisely qualified for and had not had to bid on. Lois felt justifiably heroic – now it was up to the police and the prosecutors to act on her information. But instead of a reward, she’d come home to an empty house. He probably thinks taking the kids out to dinner without me is just retribution for me making him pick them up. Whatever – there’s plenty to eat in the fridge.
Lois headed back to the kitchen, miffed at Clark. He was a reporter, he ought to know about a hot story like this one. Not to mention, they’d said when they got back together that neither of them were willing to give up their careers. He should’ve known that Lois would never turn away from a chance like…
On the refrigerator was a note, written in Clark’s neat hand. Lois, it read. You knew I had a meeting with the investors after work. Ron had to take my place while I got the twins. They’re with me tonight. Turnabout is fair play. He hadn’t signed the note, but then, he didn’t need to.

*wince* Now, children.... *wags her finger at her OTP*

Sound good? 

*evil grin*
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