Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Can I Have A Full Night Of Sleep, Mr. Sandman? Or Is This Going To Get Personal?

If I could just kick the last of this ickiness, I think work would be a little tolerable. *sighes in the direction of BB&B* Maybe. Possibly. *reminds self to bake or buy goodies again soon. Usually makes an evening much better for all of us*

Oh, what am I doing up at 10:30 in the morning? And not exploding into a pile of dust? Too wound up from work. I slept something like seven hours yesterday. I guess that makes up for it. Right? *snort, headdesk*

Oh, and saavikam, darling, you are unintentionally evil. On our walk the other night, I heard Maroon5's Wake Up Call and immediately thought of the recent slashing going on your journal. Can't you just see a Lois/Bruce/Kal tale coming out of this? Why do I get the feeling Lois would be covering up a murder here? I'm not even a slash fan and I'd love to see this! *dies*  

And writing goes good for the moment, but we're going to have to step it up if we want to get Connection done by the weekend. It's a big story that needs background, but we're trying to get it all mentioned in a tight-bound package. We still need to finish one scene in Intimidation, but that will likely be wound up on Friday night if Anissa doesn't get a chance before then. I feel bad about it not making it into 12days_of_clois, but we might just have enough time to do a short-short to make up for it. I wanted it to be part of the regular-run LS, but Anissa has a point about it not being essential, so...

Connection is currently at 2,400 words and four pages. I plan to have a spolier for you by work time. How does that sound?

*hopes for a nap before then*
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