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Let's Upgrade It To Duck Poo Now...

I'm starting to feel a little better today. No real choice but to go in last night, although I started to get better as the night wore on. And I do mean wore. There's nothing worse when you're sick than to be around a bunch of unhappy people. *sigh*

But there is good news. I slept the entire night last night. *victory arms* Yes, I had to take my Valerian to do it, but hey. At least I stayed down after taking it. We also had our first walk of the season last night since the weather was kinda cool. Let's hear it for weight loss. I found my copy of The Daily Planet Guide To Metropolis: City of Tomorrow. It's not Movieverse, but it is comics canon and is actually incredibly helpful. For example, did you know that the average temperature in Metropolis in January is between 26 to 38 degrees? Well, now you do! This book has everything, even the boroughs of New Troy. I've stated before that the Lane-White family was living in Bakerline, but now I can tell you that they're living in the Lafayette area of Bakerline. How's that for cool?

And we're nearly done with Intimidation. It will likely be just a oneshot instead of being a 12days_of_cloisentry because it became very Twins-centric. That and we went more than a thousand words over the limit. *wince* Currently it's sitting at 7,140 words and fourteen pages with one scene to go.  

Here's your spoiler:

They turned up in the Carmichael’s yard to find Wade underneath a car, as usual. This time it was a beat-up Oldsmobile whose primary color was Bondo. “Hi,” Kala called out cheerfully. “Anybody answer to the name of Carmichael ‘round here?”
Wade slid out from beneath the car and grinned up at her. He had some sympathy for his little brother – although Kala was presently just a skinny kid in jean shorts and a tank top, he’d seen her mom, and he had the feeling Kala would grow up to be a heartbreaker. “Well, if it isn’t our favorite two-times-the-trouble-makers. Are you both back to stir up more mischief in our sleepy little town?”
“Nah, we’re just walking our dog,” Kala said. “And our lizard.”
My lizard,” Jason said proprietarily, rubbing Gazeera’s cheek. The iguana just blinked sleepily.
“Whatever,” Kala sighed. “Anyway, we just wanted to drop by and say hello. How’s everything been?”

We're also now 1,413 words and three pages into Connection. And we get a glimpse into just how normal this marriage is. There's a time in every marriage when you finally start to set boundaries and start to realize that you share everything. Even if you spent the early potion of their lives caring for them on your own. Welcome to the first real stumbling block in the Lane-Kent marriage. I'm actually enjoying this one, especially since it's been planned for quite some time now.  elliania, could I request a bit of your magic for this one as well? 

Well, off to spend a perfectly nice rainy afternoon with a sick belly at work. Blech.
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