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01 October 2007 @ 02:12 pm
And You Thought You'd Feel Better After A Call-Out Day...  
and you still feel like ten tons of cow poo. Yep, still feel awful, but I won't and can't call out two days in a row. I need the paycheck and don't need the reputation as a person who frequently calls out. They don't need to be short just because I can't get it together. My only problem is that I'm not sure what I'm going to do if I get any worse. And the worst of it is that I'm not really sleeping much because of my body being in an uproar. Had to take Nyquil PM to put me out at 8 AM (and yes, that's extremely late for me). *headdesk* Can't afford and don't have time for a doctor's visit this week. *groan*

This sucks.
On the Verge of: nauseatedNauseated and Guilty
ladymackenzieladymackenzie on October 1st, 2007 07:46 pm (UTC)
You know I walwyas hated employers who refused to let you call in sick when you were sick. When one employee come in sick, it gets all the other employees sick and the costomers. At least when I was working daycare, if we were sick with systoms that we would send a child home for, we were required to stay home also. (Except the green runny nose because as adults we wash our hands after toouching our nose even when we use kleenex -- its because kids don't always wash hands and teachers can't always catch them before they touch somethin else that makes green runny noses spread from person to person.)

And to me, making a person have a dr.'s note even if they can't afford the dr.s visit because said employer won't provide affordiable health insurance is forcing a person to go to work whiile being sick. Also by giving a person the reputaion of calling in sick a lot when they do call in (or feel guilty for them not being there because of short handness or whatever), is also forcing them to go to work while sick. Your employer needs to understand that the more people who call in and do not show up when they are sick, makes for a healthier work place and more people will be at work in the long run. you might have a few days where you are short handed, but if a person who is sick goes to work, then you will be short handed more often, because when people do get into work, they are sick for longer and it's worse. (They have done studies on this and the buisnisess that let their employees have sick days even without dr. notes, have bigger profits.) So that, Lois'employer!!!! Let Lois get well!!!!!

Praying for you to get well soon, Hon.


Lois: Lois Lovekalalanekent on October 2nd, 2007 06:25 pm (UTC)
*hugs* Thanks, Mac! You hear that, Andy? Do you? *imitates the Lane arched eyebrow*