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What a perfect start to a Sunday. You wake up exhausted and achy, still trying to fight off what this is you've had since Wednesday of last week, only to discover that you're stomach feels like a lead weight. I've been eating fairly small meals since then I first starting feeling sick earlier this week and it hasn't gotten much better. I had to call out today and feel awful about it. But with the way I'm feeling, I would have been a nightmare to work with. My stomach just isn't any good. Which means I would have been whining and bitching all night. Just a no-win situation. And I know they're short man-power, but that means I'll be better for the rest of the week since I'm determined to get this over and done with tonight, if it means sucking on zinc all night.


There has been headway on the writing, but I'll tell you about that later.

Going back to bed.   
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