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The Great Critic Speaks Her Mind...

Moonlight? *snort* Sorry, I'll stick to Forever Knight and Kindred, thanks. Apologies to those that enjoyed it. 

ETA: Just caught the Smallville premiere on YouTube. Not bad, not bad. Although the ZombieClana reared its gruesome head for the millionth time to piss off Clois fans and petrify your brain and then make it asplode. Clark, stop being an idiot and get over it. Now. Yesterday. Two seasons ago. *headdesk* And did anyone notice that, despite the fact that she had no dialogue in her only scene, the expression on Cheesetoast McChardonnay's face when she looked out the window screamed a good old-fashioned top-of-her-lungs SV Lana Lang signature "WHINE AND WOE AS ME!!!"? *snort* And then the longing star-crossed Staker!Clark we panned to before Kara showed up in her scary pseudo-costume? *headdesk*

Shoot me or tell me that this season will give this boy a reality check?  

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