Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

This Week's Spoiler, As A Drive-By

*LOL* I spend so much time on adding to the chapter, I ran out of extra time to add this guy! Currently we're up to 3,955 words and nearly eight pages. So, as I race off to get dressed, take a look at this week's spoiler, which leads into the inevitable Martha vs. Lois, Round Two! Maybe now they'll just get it out of their system... *snort*

At least it did, right up until the front door opened. Lois froze, praying that whichever of them had come outside couldn’t see her. This would be hard to explain to Martha, but Clark would smell the smoke and understand all too well. Understand, and give her that slightly disappointed look that always made her feel terrible…
A long moment, and then the front door closed again. Lois sighed with relief, but that was short-lived as she heard the lock click. “Dammit,” she hissed. Good luck sneaking back in, Lane! You didn’t bring your lock picks – better hope there’s a window open. Either that, or chuck pebbles at Clark’s window and have to explain to him why you’re out here. Or you could sleep in the car … and have to explain that in the morning. Shit! And all because you wanted a cigarette. Goddamn things’ll be the death of you yet!
Before Lois could start looking for an unobtrusive way to break in, however, she heard an unexpected voice from the other side of the bush she was hiding beside.
“It’s all right,” Martha Kent whispered. “I’ve got my keys.”


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