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Saving The World, One Girl At A Time

Although I'm a day behind for his birthday and so ashamed for it, Christopher, know that we all love and miss you. There are so many things I could write in this space, so many memories I have connected to you from childhood on, but it still wouldn't be enough. You lead a inspirational life that lead many people to believe that anything was possible, both as Superman and for your tireless work for spinal cord research. You are missed daily by those of us that attempt to carry your torch. You are loved by thousands that will forever believe a man can fly...

But, most importantly for me, you will be loved by a girl who was never be able to know you in real life, in spite of a vow made as child to do so. Know, Christopher, that you and Margot helped a teenager through the angriest, most hurtful years of her life without saying a person-to-person word to her. I loved you then and I love you now and will always. 

*The candle is lit*

Fly for real now, Christopher.

ETA: I was going to include a poem I wrote about Chris in high school, but I seem to have misplaced it for the moment. Will include as soon as it reappears.


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