Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Progress Update

Well, after an angsty afternoon of reading alphielj 's brilliant Going Under on 12days_of_clois before work, I decided that I'd post our update for 12 Days as well.

Currently Intimidation is at 3,888 words and eight pages. And Daddy and his little girl are having a serious discussion on ethics and appearances, because Jason and Dustin think she's seriously lost it. Much to Kala's pouty irritation. It's not easy to plot deviltry when you're fourteen and Superman's daughter.

The current chapter will be most likely started tonight. Thankfully it's been plotted and planned for a while. Should be easy to write up. ;)

And a treat for the LFN fans on my F-list. I dug this up looking for my copy of Evanescence's Going Under for reading Lori's 12 Days. I *love* this video! And no, this was definitely not made by me, but by Kristen of KnightVision fame.

LFN-Nikita and Michael-Going Under 


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