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Progress Update, Also Known As 'That Crazy Muse'...

Well, she's been on another kick this week, folks. It's Thursday afternoon and we're already 6,213 words and eleven pages. Still not going to make it to the ending I had planned, so we'll have it happen next chapter. Although I think that we'll have a good ending despite the shake-up. The hilarious scene is done, one scene in Kansas City to do, a quiet confrontation to occur, a phone call to be made, as well as a Richana annoucement. No, not that kind! Stop hurrying these kids up, you guys! ;) 

But, for your viewing pleasure, I have the weekly spoiler from our Clark and Lois moment that I keep mentioning. I personally crack up so hard when I read this scene!

But then she saw Clark standing on the front porch of the general store and pulled into an empty parking spot. When she got out, she realized that the dirt road was in plain sight from here, and the foul temper that had begun to disperse on seeing Clark redoubled instead.
It didn’t help that the four old guys sitting on the front porch were all grinning hugely at her; seeing her hit the dirt must’ve been the most entertainment these folks could expect to get before The Price Is Right came on. But what really caused Lois’ smoldering temper to burst into flame was the guilty smile on Clark’s face. He’d seen her almost wipe out, and he was laughing at her! Outrage overwhelmed her shock at seeing him as Clark, but without his glasses.
“And just what the hell is so damned funny, Kent?!” Lois snarled, slamming her door hard enough to knock half the accumulated dust off the Mustang. “Is this what you country boys do for fun – take down the ‘unpaved road’ signs and watch city girls plow into the dirt at fifty miles an hour? What’s wrong, get tired of watching grass grow?”
He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. *snort*

And those of you that bought Doomsday, spill on whether you were impressed or not. No one has said anything and it came out Tuesday.  I can't get my copy until tonight or tomorrow! *whine* Stupid employee incentives!

Alright, all! Off to work again. Hopefully tonight will be half as good as last night. I love it when we have the A-Team at work. *waves at Myke and Anneliese* Love ya, guys!

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