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A Matter of Character...

So.  This is your friendly neighborhood co-author (and sometime Voice of Doom), once again stealing Lois' journal.  We've gotten some questions recently about certain characters in LS, and I thought we'd answer them as best we could.

The following characters are Superman canon, owned by DC Comics and/or Warner Brothers.  Some are from the Reeve/Kidder Superman films, some are from Superman Returns, and some are from the monstrous collection of Superman comics that Lois owns.

Lois Lane
Perry White
Jimmy Olsen
Lana Lang
Martha Kent 
Lex Luthor(and yes, I know these seven are a big fat DUH)
Kitty Kowalski
Jonathan Kent
Lucy Lane
Ella Lane
Sam Lane
Ron Troupe
Jason (White in SR, but Lane for LS)
Richard White
Ben Hubbard
Police Commissioner Bill Henderson
Maggie Sawyer of the Metropolis SCU
Tobie Raines (and yes, I know now, having actually BOUGHT the miniseries comic, that I've been misspelling the character's name.  Blame wikipedia.  Oh, and while you're at it, if you've been wondering why a reporter like Tobie is living with Lt. Sawyer, go wikisearch Maggie Sawyer.)
Loueen (who's also misspelled; she's credited as Leueen, but I loathed that spelling and it wouldn't stick in my brain)
Gil and Judy
Bill Freizon
Steve "Grizzly" Lombard

I think that's all.  One of our brilliant readers will surely inform us if we've screwed up.

Now, characters who are ours.  This'll be a longer list, because we invented a lot of characters.  Especially in about chapters 17 through 25, when we were handing out walk-on roles to all our pals.  In those cases where the character is a clear tribute to one of our readers, reviewers, or friends, it should be obvious.

Kala Lane (OURS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!  So much so she won an award.  Best OC Movieverse 2007, y'all!)
Dr. Arnaud
Dr. Schuler
Elliot Marrin
Caroline Biste
Rhea (writer of the Eclectic Reader column)
Vanna of Vgerland Real Estate
Brian Beateau
Mel (the horse-fancying Texan who rescued Kitty.  Hello, Mel!)
Nurse Tage
Dr. Donner
Dr. Shelby Patterson
Mankiewicz, Daily Star photographer
General Joffrey Unsworth
Officers Smith and Davis (not named for anyone, Smith was just a jerk and Smith's a common name.  Sorry, Brian.  Notice that Beateau above, if pronounced in French, sounds like Beeto.)
Abigail Montgomery
Babette from Accounting
Gwen (the obnoxious nurse)
Barbara Thomas and family
Mrs. Mosley
Vera (the obnoxious secretary)
Sophie Noux
Dr. Saavikam
Mrs. Mackenzie
Michelle Troupe, Ron & Lucy's fourth child (we also named Little Sam, Nora, and Joanna, but STM proved their existence)
Wade Carmichael and family (you will see his younger siblings later in LS and in Intimidation.  Plus, Wade himself will be back very soon.)
The Smallville Geezers Convention (who are all, in some way, named after the quintessential old fart, my dad.  Except Ellzey, who's named after my awesome boss, a self-described old guy)
GAZEERA!!!!  (Yes, we know it's spelled Gojira, but Kala named the lizard)
Captain Jack the Ferret
Barkley the Beagle and his untold descendants, including Bagel

There's lots more we're forgetting, but it's 4:30 AM.  And if any of our regulars have been left out, fear not, you shall appear.  Particularly Kat (you got a restaurant named for you, but not a character yet), Lea (wanna be the hot blonde Richard dated in college?  Hmm?), and 7crazyread, whose real name I don't know (that makes naming a character for you pretty hard).  We also need to get laramary in there, too.

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