Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Running Late For Work, But With A Good Excuse

Anissa's at the auto shop, waiting to pick up the car. Transmission is fixed, so we finally have our wheels back. $1200 is alot of money, but at least we know it's fixed. *sigh*

And in other news, I've been working on the chappie while I wait and we're now bulked up to 5,915 words and eleven pages on the now-entitled Indelible Impressions. Still two more scenes to go, although I get this awful feeling that the scene between Lois and Clark may get held until next chapter. He and Martha may run longer than originally thought. 

I've also decided that on one of my days off this coming week, I'm going to make a Photobucket account just for my Superman pics. I have such a huge collection that it would make things easier for poor Kat and the others when I start to wheedle for customs. That and it makes it easier to share the pic-love. I'll put up the link for all once it's finished.

As well, I also want to do a 'Favorite Quote' poll for LS soon. I'm trying to get things together for the Final Post Party, although it might be November before we get there. So much to write and taking longer than we thought! *LOL* Stop cheering, all of you! *hugs* Oh, Kat, I think I might be keeping you busy! *wince*

Short of a natural disaster, we plan to have the chapter to B and Abby on time, despite the OT! Will post when I get home! Love you all and have a great rest-of-your Friday

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