Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

I Know It's Late! I Know, I Know! I'm Sorry!

Sorry, all! Anissa's working OT, trying to get the money together for the transmission, so we've been trying to work on this guy as much as we can. Even getting up early to do it. This chapter is shaping up to be so much fun, especially since we get to see several sides of Martha, Clark, and Lois. The interaction here is something I'm having alot of enjoyment out of! That and the first appearance of Barkley the beagle. If you liked Bagel, you'll love her Grandpa. *LOL*

One more scene between Martha and Clark, plus a hilarious scene between Lois and Clark and she's put to bed. Until then... 

Barkley got his breath back and bawled again, louder than before. Ben scrambled to get his dog, he and Martha yelling, “Shut up, Barkley!” at the same time. The back door slammed as Clark rushed in, evidently having heard the howl or the scream.
Ben found a dark-haired woman clutching the banister, one hand clasped over her mouth in mortification. Barkley was standing at the bottom of the steps, looking near-sightedly up at the stranger and grunting as he tried to catch his breath. His master picked him up before he could bay again, and then turned to regard the newcomer.
She was striking, a little too much stubbornness in the curve of her jaw and a little too much fire in her hazel eyes for the conventional notion of pretty. But beautiful, slim, and at the moment, caught between shock and shame. “I’m so sorry,” she started to say.
Barkley howled again at the sound of her voice, and Ben jiggled him slightly. “Shut up, you old hound,” he said sternly. “No fault of yours, miss, he barks at everyone he doesn’t know. Half the people he does know, too, until he can smell them – he’s getting senile in his old age.”

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