Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

And Now The Real Fun Begins... (Yet Another Drive-By)

And we have Clark and Martha having a very serious conversation in the kitchen and a Mustang driving off in the background. Hmm... Well, we're now up to 4,415 words and just over eight pages. And the Muse isn't done with us yet. I'm really looking forward to the next two chapters, especially since one of them is going to involve muscle cars, which is something I never expected to be excited about. Just wait until you see. 

If I tell you any more before tomorrow, I'll ruin the surprise of this chapter, so... *winks*

Back with an update tonight! *Hugs* to all!

 ETA: Okay, maybe just one tiny teaser...

But out here? You’re dreaming, Lois. Never happen.  Good Boys aren’t supposed to be with Girls Like You, in a mother’s eyes. And one that you can have kids with before you marry? Hah! You should have known better, Lane.


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