Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

And The Muse Just Keeps Us Runnin' Around...

Wow, she's just out of control this week, truly. The current word count on a Tuesday is 3,597 words and seven pages. Holy Geez, ladies and Brian! That has to be a record. I can't remember getting through a chapter faster with the exception of Heart and Soul, which we had been writing for months!

Well, things are very interesting in Smallville at the moment. Lois and Martha have met and well... Hmm... I guess the icon says it all for the moment. (Thanks so much for both of them, Kitty, Kat! I'll be using both of them on Saturday. I might want to ask you for another Visual Assist soon for another up coming chapter, when you have time.) And Richard and Lana are starting to realize the fallout of going slightly public. Things are getting pretty tangled in the LS world again. Good thing we have the twins, huh? ;)

Well, off to Mom's to give my sisters their belated Birthday presents. Have a good day, all!

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