Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

The Muse Is Beginning To Scare Me

Well, for one of the very few times in history, The Muse has decided that she's very much in approval of the current storyline. So much so, that our weekend's work count is sitting pretty at 2,333 words and five pages. Looks like this chapter may run long, too. We haven't heard any complaints about length so far, so we're just going with it. ;)

Several things are planned for this chapter, and two of the Martha/Lois scenes are mostly in the bag. And we finally get to spend some time with Ben, and Bagel's grandpa Barkley, this chapter. I really adore this character; he's going to be such a good addition to the LS-verse. Lord knows he's going to be invaluable to Lois.

Sometime soon I need to make a final tally of the songs we're used and make another playlist. A final Little Secrets soundtrack, with the most popular of the songs, but I just haven't had the time. There are actually more than a handful of things that need to be finished this month, two of which are the oneshots, Connection and Intimidation. One is based during Kal-El and Lois' first year together; the other is based closer to Heirs, with Kala and Jason in Smallville at around 13.

And Anissa and I have decided that there will be a Final Posting Party when we finally get to the end, as we have had a request for one. More details as the time gets closer. We do have things planned. 

Wow, the next few months are going to be busy!

(Not that you hear me complaining!)
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