Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

NEXT Chapter Update: Yes, You Read That Right

OMG. We are already 1,203 words and 3 pages into the NEXT chapter. And it is all Lois-Clark-Martha goodness. This is why we had Clark leave Lois, even briefly - so she can meet his mother on Martha's turf. Boo-ya for little old ladies, y'all.

But seeing as how I (Anissa) have to get up at SEVEN MOTHERLOVIN' AM tomorrow, the muse attack tonight created this sort of reaction:


Hopefully we can work some more tomorrow night. We're planning to visit Richard and the twins this chapter, as well as Lana (wait'll she hears about that gossip article!), and yet more Lois and Clark plus Martha (and Ben, and Ben's Beagle, Barkley - yes, Barkley is the grandfather of Bagel from If It's Meant to Be and Great Expectations).


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