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Progress Update, otherwise entitled: WTF was the muse on this time?

Just a little drive-by to let everyone know that we're up to 5,516 words and eleven pages on What About Now. One more scene and a polish-up to the opening one and it's curtains. *grins* I'm so glad we're finally here in Act Five!

One more little spoiler to hold you over:

“What’s the competition done now?” Lois asked. Being assistant editors, she and Richard subscribed to every paper printed in the Metropolis area, and several of the major national papers as well. Of course, the Star was used to line Captain Jack’s cage after they’d read it, but at least they always knew what the competition was up to.
Richard reacted oddly to her casual question. He hurriedly closed the newspaper, putting it behind his back. “Nothing important,” he said. “Want some toast?”

Here's to finishing almost early!

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