Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Progress Update

Feeling a little better than yesterday. And thank you all for your concern and good wishes. I needed it quite badly. As difficult as it is to swallow, I think I'm starting to get my mind around it. Wish I had a magic wand. Or could to turn back time. 

Ah, to already be a published author...

But there is some good as well. The chapter is currently 4,114 words and eight pages. I love the way this chapter has gone; everything is falling into place very well. We have two more short scenes planned before the ender, which I hope everyone will like. I love it. Have seen it in my head for months. *happy grin* They make me so happy. *hugs her Lois and Kal-El*

And as always, it's Thursday and a certain person is waiting with baited breath for this spoiler, so....

He’d walked her to her car, and for a moment, just a brief instant, Clark had thought of kissing her. But then he’d seen a surprised look on her face, and thought to himself that of course she wouldn’t kiss him then. Not when he was so clearly Clark, glasses and all, just the best friend with the puppy-dog crush. At that moment he hadn’t exactly been the hero she loved.

But last night, to his utter shock, Lois had kissed him. It had been surreal to see her looking at him so seriously just before she caught his tie and rose up on her toes, eyes sliding closed as her lips met his. No illusions now; she was wide awake, and she had chosen it. She had made the first move, and for once it hadn’t been pulling his glasses off. 

And don't think this is the biggest surprise of the chapter. At all.


See you tonight, all!

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