Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

For Teh Twin

Absolutely lovely H/Hr from my YouTube collection:

The link for I Loved Her First by leochick. The embedding was disabled.

Nobody's Home by Restricted Beauty

Ron's Ex-Girlfriend by potterisms

Beautiful Disaster by Hermoine3

Harry's World by polita154

The link to Best I Ever Had by SVEvenstar

Kiss the Girl by dolphynluvr4 (A little cutesy, but I really liked it. Is a rock-style cover of the song)

This Time by DuerreMathers2

A Little Less Sixteen Candles... by ilovesoaps

H/Hr Mix by annychien

Blind by leochick

Before It's Too Late by TLCGreen

In Another Lifetime by michelle26123

Never Again by Anamaria Sparrow

Untangled by Sammerzandme

The Occlumency Lesson by Sammerzandme

Miserable by capitolwitch

The Potter Effect by 90kyleen09

Misery Business by TLCGreen

These Days by SVEvenstar

Honey and the Moon by SVEvenstar

Tongue-Tied by kristingall45


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