Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Busy, Busy Me

Despite the fact that we're so short on staff, I decided that I'm not even going to be available the today and tomorrow since they're my days off. I'm making myself impossible to get hold of because I'm just burned out. Blech.

But in other news, I'm working on a video (an explanation on the 'Clark vs. Kal-El' Lois viewpoint) and trying to see if I can pull us a little more forward in our current scene in Chapter Fifty-Six. Especially because we have a very important moment about to occur. So excited about this chapter, most especially because of the ending. I think it's perfect. Things will be changing big time by the end of this one. We're currently at 2,508 words and five pages. Hope to try and boost that 500 words before Anissa comes home. Might even go over and work on One Week since it's fast approaching. :D

And I have an H/Hr posting coming up for the Twin. All H/G and R/Hr fans, hide your eyes. *snicker* Hey, she needs some cheering up for her never-ever-home Twin. *hugs the Abby*

Jumping on my broom and getting back to work! Love you guys!

ETA: The video, she is done! Now I just have to load her on YouTube. I think it turned out pretty well, only there's a tiny spoiler on the end so... :D


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