Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Random Thoughts and an Progress Update

Well, yesterday at work sucked and today will likely be the same. Too much humidity, too many picky and snobby customers. I just think there's something in the water over there on the Southside this weekend, really. Normally sane customers just being outrageous. Just... *disgusted sigh* Nevermind, I'll still greet them with a cheery smile and a chirpy voice that Brian says sounds like the receptionist in Office Space. But just for the record, working with the well-off on hot long holiday weekends sucks sour frog ass. Literally.

I'm not sure what I'll be able to see of the new season. Will likely see Crack!ville on Youtube again this season since I'm never home on Thursdays. Will be back to The Tudors the minute it comes back on. Will once again attempted to see Heroes even if I have to do it on YouTube. *sigh* I miss the old days, when I knew everything about every good show on and get Entertainment Weekly to be even more in depth. *whine* 

chickadilly, my dear, enjoy Pretty Good Year. Sam and Frodo are LOVE!

I have both a new playlist for the finale in the works and should get a little work done on the timeline in the next few days. Andy had mercy and gave me three days off this week. Yay for work that's not at work!

Chapter-wise, we are currently at 1,273 words and three pages. And already someone's in the gossip column. Uh-oh! ;) The chapter has been titled, but it would be SUCH a spoiler that I'm going to sit on that. Did I mention that Anissa's home today and I'm off the next two days? :D

And to Ms/Mr. Anonymous in my review on FF.net, should you see this, it's a shame you didn't leave your name so we could discuss your comment. I'd like to know what you meant about the story going in circles. Myself, I've always seen Little Secrets as more of a spiral. You start in one place and work outwords. She's never really loved/hated/loved/hated him. *shrugs* Just an opinion. And honestly, if you're just skimming the chapters, and the tale no longer pleases you, I'd fully understand if you stopped reading. I used to do that when I had time to read more. I'm sorry that the story has made you feel this way. My apologies. *And to all of my regulars, I'm not being sarcastic. It's the honest-to-Clark truth*

Say a prayer for me, all. Back into Retail Hell I wearily trudge! 

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