Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Progress Update

 Well, the Muse has been being a little stingy this week. We're up to 4,621 words and nine pages so far, but we have a little way from where we need to be to get you where next chapter will find us. And then the Clois fun really begins. ;)  B is right, all. Don't despair, especially with what we've got planned for the next few chapters. You do realize that we're only about three weeks from Christmas here, right? ;) 

And here is our spoiler and we apologize for it lateness. Seems that being around Lois has unexpected side-effects:

“Thank you, Lana, but I think I can handle this without your help,” Martha said. “I do believe I know how to raise my own son.”

“Martha, he left thirty in the dust a while back. If he’s not grown up by now, he never will be.” The quick retort left Lana’s lips before she could censor it, and the redhead covered her mouth in surprise. Oh dear God, I’ve been spending too much time around Lois.

Clark could barely stifle a snort of laughter, and Martha swatted his shoulder. “Well, Lana, I can see why you’re such a fan of Ms. Lane,” she said archly, but a little traitorous smile lurked on her lips.

Last night at work was an absolute farce, but tonight should be better. I hope. Regardless, we'll be back in the saddle tonight. Besides, we have another scene between Lois and Clark to write out. ;)

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