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Happy Turkey Day!

Due to our weird schedules, Anissa and I are awake and baking pies at 2 AM on Thanksgiving, one of the few American holidays I really enjoy. We're also working on Little Secrets, so I wanted to take a moment and say that we are both thankful for all our wonderful fans.

This story literally would not exist if not for you all: your interest, your encouragement, your reviews, and even your off-topic silliness. You are all well worth our resounding gratitude on this day and every day.

Barbara, Brian, Michelle, Caroline, Ella, Rhea, Sean, and all the rest (if y'all ff.neters read this ), and our faithful BT girls Ella (yes we have two), Vanna, Deborah - I really wish I could send a slice of my Pumpkin-Pecan pie to each of you, but we live all over the country so that's practically impossible. You will just have to imagine it. And hope that someday all of us fanfiction authors can meet at a convention or something - I'll make a real Southern dessert for y'all.

Sophie, Elena, Agi - we'll be thinking of you three especially while we're eating roast turkey and drinking wine, since this isn't a holiday outside of the US of A. I bought a bottle of white burgundy and a Trentino chardonnay just for the artist and the lecher. The wine store stocks Austria but not Hungary for some reason, so I couldn't get my trio of across-the-Atlantic reviewers each a wine.  

And as a surprise, we have another chapter hot and toasty out of Barbara's hands! We'll be putting it up on FF very short. As soon as I wake Anissa up to see the beta, that is! B, we love you, honey! North Carolina is a must!

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