Lois (kalalanekent) wrote,

Update from the Voice of Doom

Mwuhahahahaha!  Lois is fast asleep, and I have once again hijacked her LJ.  This time, it's to update you on our chp 54 progress.  So far, we're at 8 pages and 4,407 words.  Yay!

Unfortunately, this means I have to post the teaser.  Excuse me while I bite my nails in terror...  There's some great lines in this one, but I don't want to spoil you too much...  Couple places that made me teary-eyed to write, too...  

All right, here you go.  

Superman looked at Lois, and she nodded. “Yes, we can go for a flight,” he said to the twins, who squealed with delight. “We can’t stay out too late, though.”
“Jason, come here, your coat’s inside-out,” Lois said, helping him put it on right. She kissed both twins before stepping back to let their father pick them up, her throat tight.  “We’ll be here when you get back.”  This was the scene she had always dreaded, watching the love of her life soar heavenward with her children, Jason and Kala waving to their earthbound mom.
Now, though, she was surprised to feel wistful instead of wounded. After all, could Jason and Kala possibly be any safer than they were with him? Kal-El and the twins flying together was also a hint of something Lois had never allowed herself to yearn for: the family she never thought she wanted, whole and perfect.
Those half-hopeful thoughts were interrupted by Richard quietly clearing his throat behind her. “Lois?” he said softly. “I think we’d better talk.”

Ta-daa!  Hope you liked that.  I'm off to get some sleep now.

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