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19 August 2007 @ 09:50 pm
Have you ever had a weekend where you just didn't have anything go right, but you were so tired and crabby that you didn't care? And then, at the last minute, you decided you did care and didn't like it one bit? This seems to have been me all weekend. *sigh* This is why it sucks to be an artist of any kind. 

But then again, I wouldn't have LS or our wonderful fans if I couldn't right! So thanks all of you that reviewed yesterday and today for all three pieces currently up. I'm so glad that everyone has really liked it so far. It meant a lot. Now if only dont_be_so_base  would decide to make those Donnor bases for me. I want to send them along to Kat once I get them. I may be doing a few changes around the old LJ sometime soon. Maybe. Possibly.

Work is work. We still have a few people hanging around that might just need to go ahead and decide if this job's for them. It's just making the rest of our (and there aren't as many as we should have) jobs harder. I feel like I'm walking in circles all the time and that I'm the only one who really cares what happens to and at Customer Service, especially when I have to spend a hour everyday cleaning up behind morning shift. I'd almost take the Front End Manager job just to keep everything in order, but I don't want it at all. I adore my job, but... *Grrrrr!* 

Anyway, I think we'll do some planning and plotting, I'll get a dunk in the drink (bath) and finish the last fifty or so pages of The Thorn Birds, work a little, then head to bed. I wanna watch each of the HP movies over again in get a few more facts straight (remember, this isn't the Superman films. I can't recite the entire script verbatum! ;) ) before I go any further with the side project. You know me, have to have my background and facts straight. And I'd love to write Snape/Lily, but I want to know more about the whole thing before I put pen to paper.

Love you all! *hugs*

✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: ¤Give me a Geek¤elliania on August 20th, 2007 05:20 am (UTC)
I'm waiting, darling! Let see what we can do with that lj of yours! ^-^
Lois: Lois Why Me?kalalanekent on August 21st, 2007 05:38 pm (UTC)
I wish they'd get to them. The wait is making me crazy. Part of me's ready to say 'forget it' and we'll start without them. I should have given a 'need by' date, but it was my first request and I didn't want to piss anyone off. *grumbles*
✰ ❝elliαniα❞ ĸatrine: ¤Severus/Lily¤elliania on August 20th, 2007 05:22 am (UTC)
And I'd love to write Snape/Lily, but I want to know more about the whole thing before I put pen to paper.

Well, it exists seven little thing that we used to call "books". ^_____^
Lois: Gasp! Loiskalalanekent on August 20th, 2007 05:01 pm (UTC)
do not want

But Anissa's rereading finally and seems happy about it, so... *evil grin* fact-finding accomplished. :P
Barbara: Eye Contact L&Chtbthomas on August 20th, 2007 12:17 pm (UTC)
Here is my to do list today:

1) Review Night
2) Review LS chapters 42-on
3) Make some calls and clean classroom a bit more
4) Review everything else I missed on 12days_of_clois

I think there's a theme here...
Lois: Lois Lovekalalanekent on August 20th, 2007 04:58 pm (UTC)
I love you.
Obsessed fangirl: Chris Reeve -  flyingbabettew54 on August 20th, 2007 06:35 pm (UTC)
Your Donner icons are wonderful! You know, I should probably watch the HP movies again, too because I am so out of the loop! Argh! and Gah!

And did you say 'The Thorn Birds'? I love that book; didn't think I'd love the book more than the movie, but I did, actually.
Lois: Lois Office Hot Chickkalalanekent on August 21st, 2007 05:54 pm (UTC)
Oh, I'm just lucky with the Donner icons. I love to go trawling for them and most of my F-list is either authors or icons makers. I really need to buy another hundred just to put up the rest. I have more that no one has ever seen, which is why I keep cycling them. I love my icons! *totally addicted*

As to Potter, it doesn't help that I have a HUGE plot bunny in my head that keeps getting clearer and clearer, especially now that we're rewatching the movies and Anissa's rereading the books. And I have an H/Hr video begging to be made, but I don't know who to request one from. *sigh* And I have to find the footage to do it if I do it.

And The Thorn Birds, there really are no words for how I feel about that book. It was one of the two obsessions my Nana and I shared while she was alive. Meggie and Ralph are just... Let's just say I learn angst very early in life. And the films are amazing, Rachel Ward and Richard Chamberlin brought them to life so well. But the book has so much more detail and so many more characters and little plots. Did anyone hate Luke O'Neill as much as I did? Is that even possible?
Obsessed fangirl: I know!babettew54 on August 21st, 2007 07:14 pm (UTC)
Luke was awful, wasn't he? He was pretty bad in the movie too! Oh, but Meggie and Ralph, true angst indeed. *sigh* I cried and cried!