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P.S. All my stuff is also at fanfic.net.  Leaving reviews there inspires me to write more smut.  (Yes, this is Anissa posting.  How'd you guess?)

Ahem.  On to the stories.

Clois by januaried

The Little Secrets AU Index Post
[it was too large to contain under the cut]

[See the other AUs under the jump]

The Fic Index of DoomCollapse )
We've never had to do one of these before, but we do understand that a portion of our audience [maybe a good portion] doesn't read the comics, so you're sincerely lost. Until we can give you more of their back-stories in the fic, this guide might be useful to you for the basics. It's mostly going to be the younger generation, as the more established adults will be easier to find on Wiki and most of their canon remains. It's Kala and Jason's generation that will be tweaked as far as history and their placement in the timeline. Remember, this is meant to be basic and may or may not be beefed up later.

The Cast As It StandsCollapse )
On the Verge of: contemplativecontemplative

Okay, so…this week was Inventory at my job (also known as Post-Christmas Hell Week) and for that reason, we’re stretching the definition of ‘Saturday posting’. But we’re only an hour late! *big grin*

Enjoy, all!

Chapter Fifty-Three: Murmurs Against the Coucil of WarCollapse )

Welcome back, all! Nope, your eyes don't deceive you. We may be forced to run with the old every-two publishing schedule, but it will be something we try hard to hold to. We even have a head-start on the next. So, yeah, not dead. Not at all. To quote our caped wonder, "Sorry we've been away so long. We won't let you down again."
As well as that, everyone love our very long-time graphics specialist for all of our series, Rizny, for inspiring us to get back on the horse despite any misgivings about our abilities these days. For her, as her birthday present, we started to get back to work. L, I love you so much it hurts and it's my very great pleasure to work on this and maybe, just maybe, close out that one other series for you. Happy belated birthday, my darling, and here's to all of these years of fic, gorgeous manips, and the greatest friend I've ever had.
Okay, enough. Without further ado, let's get back to the kids. ;)

Chapter Fifty-Two: Faintest Strains of the Vox PopuliCollapse )
22 April 2014 @ 10:57 am
Yeah, I know. Long time, no see. Things have been...mildly stressful over here of late, so much so that I didn't exactly want to share the burden. Needless to say, it has to do with the recent economy and things of that nature, on top of having moved into a new house. I don't have time for a full update as yet, but expect something here in the next week or two, for those that care. There's just too much and too many things left hanging to tell all. But I'm alive and I plan to be back at some point in the future. I love you all and miss you bunches.
07 November 2013 @ 08:26 am
Another post I don't like doing, but the hiatus will continue for at least another three weeks. Due to the loss of key employees at my job going into the Season, I'm doing overtime every single week, like or no and it's giving Anissa and me very little time to do more than sleep and work. We also need to be looking into a move soon, as we won't be staying in the home we've lived in for the last twelve years. It's like sitting in the midst of a tornado.

The plan is to be back before December, but it may take a little more time. We have no intention of leaving these stories unfinished, none at all, but real life just needs to settle first. Bear with us, all. We just need to be able to stop and get our bearings again. Just give us a little more time.
06 October 2013 @ 01:32 am
No one is going to be thrilled with this announcement, but I feel it's necessary after a discussion that was had earlier this evening. Neither of us think that our work is up to par since Tom's passing and we also have family coming in two weeks to have a kind of memorial service, so we're going to do ourselves and you guys a favor and take the rest of October off to get our heads together. All projects are going on hold. The work has suffered and that shouldn't be.

There may be an overhaul of LaOH or we may close that we have now and go back to the 'oneshot' format for what we have planned. If anyone is really reading it. We're seriously considering what we're doing there. We may just wrap the current storyline, start the oneshots, run the side-story with Kala on its own, and pick up in Blood Will Tell five years later. ATU is very popular right now, but it's the hardest to write and we saw a little slippage in the last chapter, too.

We just don't know. We're both exhausted and we need time to get our heads straight. This is something we should have decided last month, to take a month or so and let the smoke clear. We'll keep you updated. Promise.
I should apologize for the delay in this guy, but it's been a rough two weeks and we just didn't have the strength for this last week. So we did a thorough re-read and are locked in for everything that comes next. Hopefully it will be worth the effort. We also have ten days off coming up, so that'll also give us a chance to stream-line. ;)

Love and Other Headaches-Won't See Me Closing InCollapse )
Surprise! We're back. And plan to be for a while, with only the usual random week off here and there. It's nice to be back in the routine, but we're going to have to retrain a little bit. ;) Enjoy! It should be worth the wait. *evil grin*

Chapter Fifty-One: And Nothing is What It SeemsCollapse )